LM Flooring

The style of LM Flooring is that of timeless beauty and classic appeal. The quality and resistance built into every single floorboard adds a great value to your home. With plenty of style options to choose from, you will find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home. LM Flooring has over 150 styles of wood flooring and veteran artisans expertly craft each one.

LM Flooring is one of the largest manufacturers of wood flooring and is also an industry leader in the green movement. LM uses both domestic and exotic wood species to create a wide range of hardwood flooring options.

LM hardwood flooring can come with handcrafted scraping and distressed designs or they have options for decorative patterns. Their advanced technologies allow for the very best precision wood milling and Italian finishing. LM offers the newest commercial-grade acrylic infused hardwood floors to give your home a beautifully unique look.If you’re looking for quality service, LM Flooring is a great choice. They work with only the best flooring distributors to sell their products, to guarantee you are working with the most trusted professionals.

LM Flooring strives to live up to the highest industry standards to protect the environment and provide the best quality and service to their customers. They have the following certifications and memberships:

  • National Wood Flooring Association
  • SCS
  • ISO 9001:2000


LM Flooring is at the forefront of the green movement, helping to ensure our world’s most important resources are preserved. Out of all the flooring manufacturers out there, LM Flooring produces the most flooring from rapidly renewable and recycled materials. Their Engineering techniques allow them to use up to 3 times more square feet of floor covering for every tree harvested!

The quality of the floors allows them to last for a lifetime. Multiple generations of forests will grow from seed to harvest, before the floors will ever have to be replaced. That’s good news for you and the environment. LM uses 85-95% recycled materials to produce most of their products. This limits their impact on forests by 10% less than other engineered wood flooring manufacturers.

LM Flooring works with managed plantations, so they are never removing resources from natural forest growth. They are members of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) where they actively support best forestry management practices and contribute to the banning of illegal-logging activities.

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