MAPEI is an international company which specializes in adhesives, sealants, and chemical products for building.  One brach of MAPEI has evolved over the past 75 years to become a leader worldwide in the manufacturing of total systems for floor covering installations in both residential and commercial construction.

Their surface preparation products condition floors for the optimal installation of tile and other flooring types.  Installation products include adhesives, mortars, admixtures, and grouts, which will ensure satisfaction for each customer and their choice of flooring.

Another branch of MAPEI has specifically begun to expand rapidly into the U.S. market.  MAPEI’s Concrete Restoration Systems (CRS) help to repair concrete that has been damaged in industrial or commercial projects.

To aid in leveling and smoothing out interior and exterior construction surfaces, MAPEI has also developed a unique family of self-leveling underlayments and screed mortars.

Throughout all of MAPEI’s manufacturing practices and products, including grouts, mortars, sealants, and adhesives, there has been a strong level of commitment maintained toward sustainability and the environment.

In addition, MAPEI also maintains a high level of commitment to their customers needs by offering the best products, service, and support.

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