Marazzi became the first Italian-owned ceramic manufacturer in the United States in 1982 and has been creating beautiful ceramic flooring products for 25 years. Marazzi has factories located globally, creating tiles that combine beauty and aesthetics with performance and function. They live up to the strict standards of architects and interior designers while creating ease of use for homeowners like you.

They partner with some of the best artists and technicians to create a beautiful product that is ahead of its time. The beauty of Marazzi tile is matched by advanced technology and stringent quality controls to ensure you get the best possible product they can offer. Their dedication to continual improvement means Marazzi ceramic tile will always be a great choice for those looking for style, function, and durability along with the best value for their money.


Marazzi ceramic flooring is created with not only the highest quality in mind, but with the sustainability of the environment as well. They meet the challenge of producing products in this modern-day business environment, while protecting the earth we all live on.

They hold their reputation as environmentally friendly to a high importance and take clear, quantifiable steps to ensure they are a sustainable organization. To guarantee their commitment to the environment, Marazzi uses a third-party organization to certify their efforts and hold them accountable for the way they run their business.

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