Milliken Floor Covering is dedicated to technological advances that allow homeowners to have a larger variety of colors and styles. They also continually strive to produce stronger, more resilient and sustainable materials to better the lives of individuals as well as the earth.

They have a 40-year history of meeting the demands of architects and designers. They bring the same standards into your home, giving you the quality and extensive options available.


Milliken leads the industry in digital carpet printing. This process allows Milliken to create intricate and beautiful designs on carpets and rugs. Most carpeting companies only print on the tips of the carpet fibers. Milliken has the ability to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, making a very long-lasting, beautiful product.

The dyes are carefully selected and made with premium quality to ensure your carpets colors won’t fade. They will remain as vibrant and beautiful as the day you purchased your carpet for many years.


Milliken Floor Covering has been committed to sustainability since 1900 when they established their first recycling policy. They were making strides towards environmental health well before the U.S. put in place regulations forcing companies to do so.

Whether it’s the materials used or the manufacturing process, Milliken makes sure they are causing minimal impact to the environment. Their dedication has lead Milliken to now be carbon negative, making them one of the world’s most responsible manufacturers.

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