Measuring the “Hardness” of Hardwood Flooring

While working with your local Flooring Professional to find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home, you might hear something mentioned about the hardness of each type of wood. Certain types of hardwood vary in their degree of hardness, so it is important to understand what that means for your flooring and how it can affect your decision. Read on for more information on the measuring the hardness of hardwood flooring!

What is it and why does it matter?

The hardness of a specific type of hardwood flooring is what the flooring community uses to measure the durability of this material against wear and tear. Each type of hardwood is given a rating that will accurately compare the durability of that material to the other hardwood options. The hardness of your hardwood flooring should be a large factor to consider, because it will tell you how well the flooring will be able to withstand foot traffic, dents and dings, and any other daily wear.

How is hardness measured?

The most commonly accepted measurement of the hardness of a wood species is called the Janka rating. This rating is given by determining the amount of force (in pounds) that it takes to embed a steel ball a certain distance into a specific piece of wood. The easier it is to embed the ball, the softer the wood.

What is the range of hardness?

The hardness of hardwood flooring ranges from 0 to 4000 lbs., where the higher the number, the harder the wood species. Typically the lowest you will find is about 400 and the highest you will find is about 3,700. Check out just a portion of the Janka rating chart that we have put together for you below!


How do you choose what hardness you will need in your home?

When choosing the hardwood flooring that is right for your home, it is important to consider both your lifestyle and how you want the floors to look. If you are looking for a flooring to last you a long time without needing to be replaced, go for a material with a higher Janka rating. If you’re only concerned with style or price, then any Janka rating will do!

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