Mudroom Madness: Which Floors are Best

You think long and hard about what flooring is best for your kitchen, bedroom, and living spaces, but what about the mudroom? Even though not a lot of time is spent in this room (because it’s usually muddy) it still needs a floor! Because this room sees a lot of natural elements that get brought in from outside, like water, sand, etc., the flooring has to be durable, long lasting, and preferably, water-resistant. Take a look at our recommendations for mudroom flooring below:

Ceramic tile

Generally speaking, ceramic tile is the best material for mudrooms because of its durability and non-porous nature. There are also many design choices when choosing a ceramic tile for your mudroom that can mimic styles of other flooring such as stone and hardwood. The only downfall of choosing ceramic tile for your mudroom is that when this material becomes wet, there is an increased risk of someone slipping and falling. However, you do have the option to coat the ceramic tile with a slip resistant seal.

Natural Stone

Like ceramic tile, natural stone is a long lasting material and is resistant to liquids when sealed properly. Stone is a great flooring option for rooms like the mudroom that sees a lot of foot traffic, water, dirt, etc. The designs of this material are often copied but never replicated, as the natural beauty of this flooring is unique to each piece. This may be the most expensive option, depending on what kind of stone tile you would like to install.


Vinyl is the most cost-efficient option for mudroom flooring and can also be found in a variety of patterns and designs. This flooring is good for small spaces like mudrooms since it is relatively inexpensive, which means it can easily be replaced when needed. Alternatively, if you do not plan to replace the flooring in your mudroom, then vinyl may not be the way to go since it is not as durable as other materials.


While brick flooring is not for everyone, it gives a certain rustic and old world look to any space, especially in mudrooms that serve as a common entrance to a home. As we see in many very old buildings, if installed correctly, brick will last for a very long time without being replaced or repaired. This material can also be glazed for a more comfortable surface.

Like flooring for your kitchen and bathrooms, the most important thing to take into account is how water-resistant the flooring will be. Whichever flooring material you are looking at for your mudroom, be sure to consult your local Flooring Professional for expert advice and installation.

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