Preventing Carpet Mold

Aside from just being a nasty nuisance, carpet mold can also be a dangerous health hazard. And while people with mold allergies may notice right away, people without mold allergies can still be negatively affected by mold spores in the long term.

Mold can also drastically reduce home values and make selling your house extremely difficult. Here’s some important info on preventing carpet mold so you can avoid the costly hassle of removing it.

Is Moisture the Main Cause of Carpet Mold?

Believe or not the answer to this question is no. While moisture is needed for mold to grow, the main facture is actually the cleanliness of your carpet. According to a scientific study that looked at variously soiled carpets in high humidity (80% or above) carpets that were lightly or heavily soiled produced far more mold and mildew than clean carpets.

So this means if you’d like to install carpet in a basement but are concerned about potentially high moisture levels, you may be in luck. While you should try as hard as you can to control the humidity levels, you don’t have to worry too much as long as you are keeping your carpet clean.

Here are some more tips you should follow to avoid mold growth in your carpets.

Tips for Preventing Mold Growth In Your Carpets

  1. Keep Carpets Clean: This is proven to be the most important factor in preventing carpet mold. Make sure you have a good quality vacuum and use it on your carpet at least on a weekly basis. More if you the area is heavily trafficked.
  2. Control Humidity Levels: The second most important factor is to monitor and control humidity levels in your home. This is especially important in basements or high humidity climates like Florida. You want to shoot for 65% humidity or lower.
  3. Low Temperatures: Temperatures at 80 degrees F or higher have been shown to contribute to mold growth. Making sure your HVAC is in working order going into warmer months will help prevent mold.
  4. Avoid Organic Carpet Materials: If you are installing a carpet in an area you’re afraid will be exposed to humidity, avoid organic materials like wool as they are more conducive to mold growth. Stick to man-made materials such as nylon.

The bottom line is it isn’t all that difficult to prevent mold in your carpets if you control the cleanliness of the carpet and the humidity in your home.


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