Pros & Cons of Buying Carpet Remnants

Utilizing carpet remnants can be a great way to save a pretty penny when renovating or redecorating your home. Carpet remnants are exactly as they sound – they are the end pieces left over from a roll of carpeting.  Usually, these small pieces aren’t enough for a traditional carpet installation, but are too big to be thrown away. Many stores sell carpet remnants at severely discounted prices, making them an attractive choice for remodelers on a budget.  But like most alternative options, using carpet remnants instead of traditional carpeting comes with its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • A Great Temporary Solution:  Because of their incredibly low price, carpet remnants are ideal for temporary solutions and quick fixes.  However, they usually need to be replaced at some point.
  • Great For Areas With Low Traffic:  Smaller spaces with low foot traffic, like closets and guest rooms, are ideal when installing carpet remnants.  Because remnants are sometimes patched together, they do not have the same sturdiness that’s found with a continuous piece of carpeting.
  • They Are Cheap!:  The biggest benefit of using carpet remnants is the possibility for dramatically reduced prices.  Some pieces can be up to 90% cheaper than their full-priced counterparts.  For many, this is too good of a deal to pass up!


  • It Can Be Tricky To Match:  One of the most obvious disadvantages to using remnants instead of traditional carpeting is that it could be difficult to find enough of the same carpet to cover one room.  And, if you happen to find enough, patching the pieces together so they fit seamlessly in one room will be a lot of work.
  • Short Life:  By nature, patching multiple pieces of carpeting together will not hold up as well as a full, uninterrupted piece. This means remnants will need constant repairs and maintenance, something that is typically avoided when using traditional carpeting.  
  • No Warranties:  Lastly, carpet remnants won’t always include the warranties and insurances that traditional carpet installation usually does.  This contributes to the lower cost, but if problems arise, there isn’t much that can be done other than replacing it all together.

While carpet remnants provide virtually the same product for a drastically reduced price, they don’t hold the same investment value as traditional carpeting does.  For many, it’s worth spending more money to ensure carpeting lasts and ages gracefully in their home.  And, it’s worth noting that opting for a traditional carpet installation could save you headaches and unforeseen maintenance costs in the future!  

A call to a local flooring professional will help to answer any additional questions about using carpet remnants versus traditional carpeting in a home.  Search for your zip code and connect with a Flooring Professional today!

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