Protecting Your Floors During the Holidays

The holidays: that time of year when all of your family and loved ones gather in one house to celebrate the season; and this year, it’s your turn to host. Before you realize it, you will see heel scratches on the hardwood and shoe prints of mud on the carpet — if you’re not prepared.  Take some measures to prevent damage to your floors, before you get too busy to even think about it. Check out our top tips for protecting your floors from chaos during the holidays!

1. Utilize a boot tray

Boot trays are a great little invention where everyone can place their boots and shoes so that dirt and water won’t get all over the floor. If you don’t have a boot tray, use an old towel or even a storage container to place by the front door.

2. Place area rugs & doormats

If you do allow guests to keep their shoes on when they enter your home, make sure to place area rugs throughout high traffic areas or on top of light colored carpets to block stains. If you must do one thing, put door mats outside all entry ways so that guests are prompted to wipe their feet.

3. Use a tree tray 

Guests are not the only culprit when it comes to damaging floors. If you choose to buy a real holiday tree, protect your carpet or hardwood from any existing dirt on the tree, and even the water at the base.

4. Add some felt pads

Stains are possible to get up with stain remover, but scratches on hard floors are another story. Invest in some felt pads to put on the bottom of furniture to keep your floors unscathed.

5. Clean ahead of time

You may think that cleaning ahead of time is pointless, but it will make for less clean up when the holidays are over. Also, your friends and family are going to be impressed by your squeaky clean floors!

If you take the time to protect the flooring in your home, you can prevent permanent floor damage during the holidays. This way, you will have more time to focus on enjoying your guests rather than worrying about the white carpet!


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