Protecting Your Floors for Winter


Winter is coming and that means snow, ice, and various other forms of weather making its way to your home! As much as you may try to keep it out, some of that dirt and slush will inevitably make it into your home at some point this winter. One of the best things you can do this winter is to protect your floors from the elements. Check out some of our ideas for keeping your floors dry and protected this winter!

Cover Your Tracks

To start, it is best to eliminate those first few steps you take when you enter your home. Place doormats at all entrances to your home, especially high-traffic entryways like the front door, kitchen, and garage door. This way, people will be able to wipe their feet right away when they step inside. If there’s snow on the ground, try placing some towels around the entrances as well to catch some of the extra moisture from your snow boots.

Know Your Floors

Whether you have carpet, hardwood, tile, or any other type of flooring in your home, make sure you do your research about how to care for your floors. If you know how things such as moisture affect your floors, you can be better prepared this winter. The Flooring Professionals have great resources and information on all different types of flooring, so we have you covered!


Mopping up snowy footprints will be a lot easier if you have the appropriate cleaning solution handy. Make sure you have enough cleaners for all the floors in your home, such as carpet cleaner (especially if you have pets!) or solutions for hardwood flooring. If snow and salt happens to get tracked into your home, easily accessible floor care will allow you to prevent any damage ASAP!

Personal Policy

If you are a real stickler for clean floors and don’t want to spend all winter cleaning them, let people know. Have children and guests wipe off their shoes before the come in, and then take them off once they enter your home. To make it easier, keep a plastic bin or boot tray and a few towels by the door so their shoes won’t be sitting on your floors. Have a designated place in your garage or mudroom for shoes, especially snow boots.

Winter can be tough on your floors, but the Flooring Professionals are here to help! Contact us today for more information.

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