Questions You Should Be Asking Your Flooring Professional

If you’re like the average consumer or homeowner, you may rely on the experts to tell you what to do in regards to appliances, landscaping, and even flooring. However, just because you are letting the professionals do their job doesn’t mean you cant be informed about what is happening in your home. Making sure that you are learning about the process from beginning to end will ensure that you end up with a product that you love for years to come. Here are some of the most important questions you should be asking your Flooring Professional.

What Types of Flooring Should We Avoid?

Everyone will be eager to tell you about the kinds of flooring that will look amazing in your home, but what about the flooring that won’t work for you? Letting your Flooring Professional know whether you have pets or kids can help determine what flooring you should think twice about. If you know you are going to have heavy foot traffic in certain areas of your home, make sure to invest in a flooring that can withstand lots of wear and tear as opposed to one that requires more upkeep.

Does the Climate Play a Role in our Flooring?

The answer to this should be YES, the climate where you live does play a factor in the flooring you choose for your home. If you live in a climate with extremes (lots of rain, humidity, etc), it will have an effect on your floors. Some flooring, such as porcelain tile, is more water-resistant that others, making it a good flooring choice if you live somewhere with high humidity.

How Can We Avoid Replacing Our Floors in a Few Years?

The excitement of new flooring often overtakes any thoughts for what your floors will look like several years in the future. Taking good care of your floors, whether it is carpet or hardwood, means that you won’t have to replace them after only a few years. Ask your flooring professional what specific steps to take to ensure that your floors remain in great shape, whether its cleaning them every week or protecting your hardwood from fading or scratches. If you have hardwood floors, check out our recent blog about rug pads and how they help protect your rugs AND hardwood flooring!

What if We Don’t Like Our Flooring Choice?

Oh no! You check on your flooring and wait…is it supposed to look like…that? A good flooring professional should be able to keep you apprised on the progress of your floors and how they look, step by step. Choosing a professional who keeps you in the loop will hopefully eliminate any surprises when your flooring is ready. If you don’t like your choice when it is all said and done, don’t be afraid to speak up and discuss the issue, and what steps you can take to rectify the situation.

You can and should ask any and all questions when it comes to your flooring. An open line of communication with your flooring professional from start to finish and even after will ensure that you are completely happy with your flooring choices. For more information about flooring, visit the Flooring Professionals online.

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