Refresh Your Floors, Refresh Your Company


Right now, many businesses are changing how they work, and offices and stores are often nearly or completely empty. It’s not great news for the company, but there is a bright side – it’s the perfect time to renovate or update your floors. There are many reasons to change up your floors, from functional to stylistic, and what better time to fix up your space than when it will cause little disruption to daily work? The bonus is that your employees come back to a fresh, clean workspace!

Replacing your floors gives you a perfect opportunity to fix any structural problems, like squeaky spots or water damage. You may find that you need to upgrade the subfloor before adding the finished flooring, which will provide you a strong and secure base layer for many years. The benefits continue as you add the finished top layer. A new luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor can provide better slip resistance and stain resistance, to protect you and your workers and make it easy to keep your workspace clean and disinfected. Cork floors provide excellent soundproofing and help ease the strain of standing for long periods of time. If you need to have a water-resistant floor, a resilient like rubber can give a water-tight layer and using tile can make spills easy to clean quickly.

Wooden floor meeting room with conference table

But it’s not all about functionality. A new floor can completely refresh the look of your office. Hardwood can bring warmth and character to an otherwise neutral space and bring the feeling of home (which employees have gotten accustomed to!) into the workspace. Carpet can soften the feel of a large space, and you can add patterns or borders to add the unique style of your company or visually divide functional areas. You can create stunning visual interest with the subtle pattern of strand-woven bamboo while having the comfort of knowing you are using an eco-friendly and renewable material.

So now is the time to act! If you have questions about materials, installation, or maintenance, our trusted Dealers are ready to help you through your renovation. Many Dealers are available through email or phone, and some are able to set up one-on-one in-person consultations. Give yourself and your employees a beautiful, more functional workplace to celebrate coming back to work!

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