Signs You’re Ready For New Floors

If the thought of purchasing new floors even crosses your mind, it’s more likely than not that you should be looking into it. With that being said, if you are still on the fence, there are a few sure signs that your home is ready for some new flooring. Take a look below at some of the sure signs that you need new flooring in your home!

Tip toeing around the house to avoid creaky spots in your flooring should not be an everyday activity. If the flooring in your home is constantly making noise as you walk across it, this is a definite sign that they are in need of some attention. Although it could be a number of issues, like old flooring, bad adhesive, or nails dislodging, a Flooring Professional should address it.

A definite sign of needing new flooring is visible cracks throughout the flooring. At first, you may be able to replace one or two tiles, but if they continue to deteriorate over time, it will be more cost effective to replace the entire floor.

Reselling your home can go a lot easier if you replace the existing floors in your home first. A few reasons for this are that new flooring will add value to your home, and if you choose visually appealing floors, the home looks more appealing to buyers.

Water damage
Depending on what type of flooring exists in your home, water damage can completely ruin your flooring. Even minimal water damage can create trapped moisture, mildew, odors, and more, creating a health hazard right in your home.

We have all been there; red wine, nail polish, wall paint, etc. There are just some spills that, no matter how hard you try, will not come out of your flooring. If there are too many stains set into your carpet to count, leave it to the Flooring Professionals to help you in finding the best replacement option for you!

It is easy to replace just a portion of your flooring if the problem does not cover the entire floor. There may come a time when you won’t be able to find the exact flooring material to match existing floors, so at this point, you will need to just take the jump and get entirely new flooring.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? Contact your local Floor Professional to have your floors replaced today!

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