Some New Things I Know

Looking for a weld rod trimmer in coved areas? Sinclair RDP Cove Trimmer allows for easy trimming of welded rod on curved surfaces including cove radius. The special blade ensures that the floor covering won’t be damaged. 


Need to topcoat a weld rod after shaving it down to keep it from soiling? 


The Armstrong Installation Manual is the most respected installation piece in the field. Attached is an Internet Link for the Armstrong Installation Manual that has all the chapters of the Installation Manual in PDF’s that can be downloaded or printed out. 

Looking for ideas to finish off Armstrong Alterna on the floor and as a back splash?

Derrick St. Clair, of Elite Kitchen and Bath in Somerset, PA told me about the Schluter Jolly. The height of the Schluter Jolly is 3/16″ high and available in 11 colors, which several match the Alterna Grout. Item number is A45 + COLOR 



LVT is one of the hottest products on the market and is often referred to by the wearlayer thickness. JJ Haines has one of the thickest wearlayer products on the market with a 28 mil thick wearlayer in Flexco’s Natural Elements Wood and Natural Elements Stone. Flexco’s ceramic bead enhanced urethane coating with NanoSilver particles contains a unique anti-microbial agent to fight germs that can collect on the flooring surface, such as Staph and E-Coli. This anti-bacterial technology inhibits the growth of microbes and their proliferation and metabolism.

As flexible to install and easy to use as traditional vinyl tile, this commercial-grade resilient flooring provides the warm atmosphere and welcoming environment that only wood and stone can create. Flexco Natural Elements Wood and Natural Elements Stone can be installed using a spray adhesive from Flexco called Spray Grip for Vinyl. Spray Grip for Vinyl, get up to 190 square feet of coverage per can. Good up to 8-lbs. Calcium Chloride and 90% Relative Humidity. Immediately following installation, it may be opened up to foot traffic and rolling loads. No down time. 


Looking for a floating underlayment to glue down LVT, and Groutable Tile to? Look no further than We Cork Silently LVT. The Silently LVT is a 2mm Rubber and Cork underlayment for LVT and Linoleum floor covering. 

Benefits of the We Cork Silently LVT; 

  • Superior in room as well as floor to ceiling sound control with minimum thickness 
  • Thermal insulation from cold subfloors 
  • Resilience and comfort to LVT and Linoleum flooring 
  • 100% recycled content 
  • Resistant to mold and mildew 

Looking for that one adhesive that covers most product categories and is cost effective?

Check out DriTac 5500. DriTac Eco-5500 is a “green” pressure sensitive flooring adhesive made for the interior installation of; 

  •  Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank 
  • Groutable Vinyl Tile 
  • Multi-Ply Engineered Hardwood 
  • VCT 
  • Fiberglass Back Sheet Vinyl 
  • Felt Back Sheet Vinyl 
  • Carpet Tile 
  • Vinyl Stair Treads 
  • Cork Tile 
  • Cork/Rubber/Foam Underlayments 

One adhesive with many uses! 

DriTac Eco-5500 is a “green” adhesive that is VOC free with zero solvents. DriTac Eco-5500 is extremely easy to spread and clean up, offers a very low odor and is nonflammable. DriTac Eco-5500 is an eco-friendly adhesive that provides excellent working time and superior coverage. It is available in 1 and 4-gallon plastic pails. 


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