Stunning, Stylish Resilients? YES!


In the past, resilients were often relegated to commercial applications, or small areas with specific needs, such as kitchens or bathrooms. But advances over the last decade have led to exciting and beautiful new resilient options that look at home in even the most stylish of designer homes! Read on to learn more about some incredible resilient flooring that might be the perfect choice for your next remodel…

There are a number of different types of resilients, including luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile (LVT), vinyl sheet, linoleum (sheet and tile), and rubber (sheet and tile). Each material has particular benefits, though all resilients have some things in common. The term resilient comes from the way that these materials have some “give” to them – they are softer than hardwood or laminate, but harder than soft material such as carpet. This makes them comfortable to stand on, and their durability and stain resistance means that they work well in high traffic areas. They are all waterproof materials, though for a completely waterproof surface, it is better to use a sheet resilient cut to shape, as the other styles have tiny spaces between planks or tiles that can allow moisture to reach the underlayment.

It was once the case that resilients that mimicked natural materials such as wood or stone often looked slightly fake or unnatural, but printing technology has advanced to the stage where it is difficult to tell the difference between a wood-look LVP and real wood, or the difference between a porcelain-look LVT and a porcelain tile. Print technology has also advanced considerably for sheet vinyl, with large repeating patterns looking extremely lifelike. There are also resilients that have surface texture to imitate the feeling of materials such as wood and natural stone. This is yet another way that resilient flooring fools the eye and saves you money and maintenance time in the process! These materials can now be the focal point of a room, instead of a necessary and utilitarian component.

luxury vinyl floor tile installation

Another very innovative new advancement is that resilient tiles can be grouted to make them look even more like natural stone or ceramic or porcelain tile. The resilient tiles are adhered to the floor with a slight space between them, and then grout is laid between them, much the same as on a normal tiled floor. This means that the resilient tiles can mimic ceramic or natural stone tile virtually indistinguishably.

There has also been progress in the materials themselves. Some resilients have what is termed a “rigid core” (a hard inner layer), meaning that they will have fewer indentations over time from heavy materials (such as tables or bookcases) on top of the floor. They are less likely to show imperfections from the subfloor, and this saves time (and money in labor) in installation. Another breakthrough is in the glue used to adhere the resilients to the floor. There are now adhesives that have working times of up to 12 hours, allowing the installer to spread larger areas of the subfloor without fear of the adhesive over drying before the flooring can be installed. This streamlines the installation process, again saving time and money.

Manufacturers are also becoming more eco-conscious, with many manufacturers using pre-consumer recycled content in the manufacture of their products. Not only does this help save materials from ending up in landfills, it also enables a cost savings on the part of the resilients produced. Several manufacturers have even partnered with dealers and installers to reclaim used flooring to use in this process.

Resilients are much more than that boring pattern that was in your grandma’s kitchen. They can be stunningly realistic, mimicking any other kind of flooring seamlessly. Advances in materials means both a more durable product and easier installation, saving you time and money. And since many resilient manufacturers are moving toward a more sustainable business model by recycling materials, you can feel good about your choice and save money in the process! Use our Dealer Locator to find a trusted Dealer in your area to learn more about these exciting new advancements in resilient flooring, and be sure to check out our resilient manufacturer and maintenance pages for more information!

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