The Best 6 New Tile Trends for 2020


Tile has long been recognized as a versatile and durable flooring option, and its popularity has only increased in recent years, as manufacturers have increased options in design and form. Once primarily used in bathrooms and kitchens, the myriad style options (including porcelain, glass, mosaic, natural stone, and even resilients) now mean that tile is a stunning addition to any room in the house – and it’s not just for floors. Tile makes for a great countertop, fireplace surround, or accent wall, and is a wonderful way to bring color and interesting patterns into the design of a room. For some ideas about incorporating tile into your home, here’s six new tile trends for 2020!

Luxury modern bathroom with concrete look tile

  1. Rare and gemstone inspired tiles: For those looking for all of the glamour of rare stones and metals, while remaining sustainable and affordable, these new tiles might be for you. There are tiles that emulate semi-precious stones such as pearl or agate, and tiles that imitate precious metals such as rose gold or silver. Use them as accents or borders or to create a subtle pattern with similarly colored tiles and bring a luxurious touch to your design.
  2. Unique shapes that are more than just a simple rectangle: Using unusual shapes such as a trapezoid or a rhombus allows for much more intricate and interesting layout options. It’s a wonderful way to bring interest to an area and allows you to create creative patterns with shape and color.
  3. “Natural wood” tiles: Tiles that replicate the grain and color shifts of natural wood remain as popular as the past several years. Using wood-look tile lets you bring the warm of wood to areas where hardwood isn’t suitable for moisture or maintenance reasons, such as a bathroom.
  4. Large-scale patterns: Many designers are incorporating vibrant, large patterned tiles into their designs, and it’s something that you can replicate in your own home. It’s a way to make your floor the star of the show, rather than a necessary room element. With a striking floor, it’s best to keep other elements of the room fairly neutral.
  5. Terrazzo-inspired tiles: Terrazzo has long been a staple of commercial flooring (often found in foyers, hallways, and cafeterias), and features a solid color base with multicolored inclusions in a random pattern. New tiles take the unique speckled surface of terrazzo and allow you to incorporate it beautifully into your home. Often, the speckled patterns are larger than life, and in bright, unusual colors.
  6. Industrial look tiles: Concrete has made an entrance into the residential market but pouring concrete for a floor can be costly and time-consuming. Enter concrete-look porcelain tiles! With these tiles, you can have a sleek, industrial look in any room for a fraction of the cost. The tiles are often quite large to more closely resemble concrete blocks, and come in various colors to resemble a stained concrete floor.

Now is the perfect time to incorporate tile into your home! With such a wealth of new options, you can be a trend-setter. Make a statement in your home with a stunning new tile design! You can use our Dealer Locator to find a trusted Dealer near you that can help answer your questions about these new tile trends, or you can take a look at our tile maintenance and installation pages to learn more about tile in general.

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