The Best Flooring for A Home at the Beach

If you’re planning to purchase or already own a second home or primary residence near the water, you may be looking for the best ways to decoreat! But, whether you live beachfront, lakeside, or along the river, you know that living near a body of water provides additional structural challenges for your home. Where the climate affects the outside of your home, many don’t think about how it can affect the inside of your home, including your flooring. Let us share with you our top picks for flooring in a beach home!

Porcelain tile

Tile is by far the best flooring material for a home near the water! Tile is very easy to clean on a regular basis by sweeping away loose sand and dirt and mopping the surface AND it is resistant to any moisture. Another benefit of choosing tile flooring is that there are so many patterns and colors to choose from, including those that look like hardwood or bamboo!

Engineered hardwood

Although hardwood flooring may not seem like the obvious choice to withstand moisture, engineered hardwood is a very common flooring option in beach homes! It holds up very well compared to natural hardwood flooring, and if sealed properly, does a great job withstanding any moisture damage over the years. Be sure to check out our resources page for tips on keeping your hardwood flooring spick and span!

Strand woven bamboo

Like engineered hardwood, strand woven bamboo is much stronger than traditional bamboo if that is the look you are going for. Experts recommend a solid strand or wood core for withstanding moisture the best. Strand woven bamboo is softer than hardwood, so regular upkeep and preventative measures are necessary for resisting damage.


Because concrete is resistant to all elements, it is a nice choice for a home by the water. Although it is a good choice for long-lasting floors, it is not the most comfortable flooring material for homes with children or seniors. If you do choose concrete for the floors of your beach home, make sure to keep area rugs in high traffic areas, or rooms where you want to add more comfort!

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