The Best Flooring For Your Entryway

The entryway to your home is a crucial space to furnish properly.  Aside from the exterior appearance of your house, the entryway is often the first impression most guests will have of your home.  For this reason, many homeowners want to find flooring, and accompanying décor, that is perfect for their home and their family.

Ideally, the flooring you choose for your entryway or foyer should be a sound reflection of the styles you utilize throughout your home.  This space can act as the common thread that helps to tie all the rooms together, creating a seamless and cohesive home design.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the right flooring is the practicality of this space. Flooring should be relatively easy to clean, as family members and guests will enter the home through this area, tracking in dirt and debris.  Additionally, with as much foot traffic as this passageway will be subjected to, it’s important that whatever flooring you do choose can be easily repaired.  While the idea of choosing a unique or rare tile might be appealing, will you be able to find a replacement tile if one cracks?  Or will you have to re-do the flooring entirely?

And lastly, how often do you switch up your home’s décor?  If you get bored easily, it might not be a great idea to install flooring that will be difficult to remove.  Alternatively, if you do use flooring that’s intended to last for years, try to pick something that will transition well with the changing trends. Here are a few of the most popular flooring choices for a home’s entryway:


Installing slate tiles in your entryway is a traditional and popular choice, and for good reason.  The dark and rich colors of slate add a much-needed boldness to the space, creating a definitive space that welcomes guest.  


If you like the look of slate tiles but wish to find a more budget-friendly alternative, consider using dark porcelain tiles instead.  Contrary to belief, these are durable tiles that offer a great variety of colors.  Not to mention, porcelain can be much easier to keep clean than the jagged natural textures of stone or slate.


Try not to imagine the same material from a bulletin board or bottle stopper!  Cork flooring looks similar to other wood flooring, but it has a few benefits that might work particularly well in the entryway to a home. It absorbs sound and shock rather well, making it a viable choice for any home with children.  It’s easy to clean and known for its water resistance, both of which are great features for any high-traffic area.  

And of course, any flooring you’ve chosen can be enhanced with the use of a throw rug or decorative doormat.  This will personalize the space and add an extra element of warmth to your home.  They also work to protect the flooring underneath, maintaining its surface and ‘new-ness’.  Additionally, rugs and doormats are easy to change and switch out as they are worn down after repeated use.

With help from a local flooring professional, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect flooring to use in the entryway or foyer of your home!  To find the flooring professional closest to you, enter your zip code into our search tool

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