The Best Flooring Options for the Dining Room

The dining room is the focal point of family gatherings.  Holidays, birthdays and all types of special occasions are celebrated in this traditional room.  And given the dining room is such a big part of family lifestyles, deciding on the type of flooring to use in the space should not be neglected. But when it comes to finding the right kind of flooring for this formal and popular room, many homeowners are faced with what feels like endless options.  Depending on the needs of individual homeowners, and their personal preferences, the options can easily be narrowed down to a select few.  Here are a couple of flooring types that are best used in dining rooms:


For a classic and timeless look in a traditional dining room, hardwood flooring is the best option. Between the different wood types and grains, as well as the varying stains that can be used, finding the perfect hue that works best in any room is easy to do.  Over time, hardwood can be refinished, giving the entire room a fresh look.  While this is one of the pricier options, it sets this room apart as a formal space, while possibly adding value to a home.


If you like the look of hardwood flooring, but seek more durability, then laminate flooring is the next best option.  Made to imitate wood grain, with just as many types and colors, this flooring goes with virtually any décor.  It can maintain the formal look of a dining room and is also great for families with children.  If mealtimes are hectic, it helps to know that laminate flooring is stain resistant, water resistant and easy to clean!


For homes in warm climates, or patio-like dining rooms, tiled flooring is ideal.  Like other options, it is stain resistant and easy to clean.  It also comes in a variety of different hues and types, providing endless options for homeowners. Porcelain or Ceramic are two of the most popular choices, and can also work in other rooms in your home.  Like mentioned, tiled flooring is traditionally used in patio or outdoor dining rooms, but also works beautifully inside.  


Carpet can also be used elegantly in a dining room as the primary flooring.  Better yet, certain brands of wall-to-wall carpeting are specially made to resist stains and moisture.  This means homeowners can host any dinner party without worrying about ruining the carpet!


And lastly, many families use decorative rugs over their flooring to bring more warmth to their dining rooms.  Colorful and Oriental rugs are popular choices, and can add even more elegance to a traditional space.  Rugs can be paired with any of the floorings listed above to help complete the look of a dining room.

For more information on the right types of flooring to use in a dining room, contact your local flooring professional. You could be enjoying your updated dining room in no time at all!

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