The Best Flooring To Finish Your Basement With

The basement of your home requires special attention when it comes to choosing what type of flooring is best. Basements are almost like a different climate than the rest of the house because they are underground. A room underground tends to have more moisture, colder temperatures, and costs more to finish than above ground rooms. The cost is usually higher because you must dry and waterproof the basement in order for it to be safe and protected. After working through the necessary steps to finish your basement, you want to make sure you choose the right flooring materials that will work with the conditions. There are 3 smart choices when it comes to basement flooring: 


Although it might not come to mind as a first choice for basement flooring, concrete is the best! It can withstand the moisture that basements tend to have and it is reliable so it will last a long time. If you have a concrete subfloor that is in good shape, you can get it stained, which includes all types of options. Stained concrete does not look like typical outdoor concrete, so it is polished and presentable. Concrete does tend to be colder than other flooring so opt for some area rugs.


For those who want the look and finish of hardwood in their basement, laminate is a smart alternative! Hardwood flooring cannot withstand the moisture that basements produce, but laminate will give you the look of hardwood without the problems. If you choose laminate, definitely invest in a quality product and make sure the laminate is specifically made for basements or to withstand moisture!

Carpet for Basements 

Carpet is a very popular choice for basement flooring for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it’s comfortable and gives a nice cushion that other basement floorings wont. Secondly, the cushion underneath the carpet insulates the room a bit to keep in heat while at the same time, letting moisture escape from the floor. Moisture will pass through the carpet, but will also become trapped over time, which will create the need to replace it. But don’t skimp on the price of basement carpet either, quality is best!

Consult your local flooring professionals for more advice on which basement flooring will be the best for you! For more flooring resources, check out our laminate, carpet, or resilient flooring pages.


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