The Best Rugs for Bathrooms

Utilizing rugs in a bathroom can completely revamp the look and feel of the space.  They can add color, give the room cohesiveness and help to warm up cold tile flooring.

Not only that, but rugs are especially important in preventing slipping and injury.  And, depending on the primary use for a bathroom rug, some options will be more appropriate than others.


Choosing a rug made of the right material is essential when it will be used in a bathroom.  One of the more popular options is cotton, which is not only soft, but also dries quickly after being exposed to moisture.  Cotton can be durable, but most rugs that are used as bathmats need to be replaced every year or two.  However, cotton rugs in other areas of the bathroom, that aren’t subjected to direct moisture, can last for years.

If you really want the luxurious spa experience, some people opt to have Egyptian cotton rugs.  These rugs will be more expensive than others, but are extremely comfortable and soft under foot.  Some even argue they’re more water absorbent than regular cotton rugs.

Another common material used in bathroom rugs is chenille.  This is a man-made material that is exceptionally water resistant.  While this is a desired quality in any bathroom, it’s not always the most comfortable to walk across.  In fact, many find the water resistance slightly annoying after they step out of the shower.

And lastly, bamboo and wood isn’t just for flooring anymore, it can be used as a ‘rug’ as well.  Bamboo and wood bathmats or rugs are both practical and unique to use in many rooms, especially those subjected to moisture.  These options are great for those who seek natural floor coverings and are looking for an organic feel in their bathrooms.

Most importantly, opt to find a rug that is easy to clean – preferably one that can be thrown in the washing machine.  Anything that requires special maintenance will quickly become a burden, as bathroom rugs should be regularly washed every few months.  And, to further prevent slipping, a non-slip rug pad should always be used underneath.


No matter the type of rug chosen, each option is bound to come in varying styles, designs and colors.  If your bathroom is on the smaller side, a great way to bring personality without overcrowding is to use a bold patterned rug.  Animal prints or colorful designs are both great options to make a big change in the room without painting the walls or installing new tile.  Patterned rugs are also better at concealing spots or marks that occur with regular use.

But if you prefer to have solid, plain colored rugs in your bathroom, just remember that the lighter shades and hues will show dirt and spots more easily.  It’s a good idea to choose darker rugs or rugs that are exceptionally stain-resistant.

Aside from a bathmat near the shower or under the sink, many homeowners bring in bigger rugs to fill the space, if they have it.  Runners and small area rugs are perfect options to cover tile and introduce color to the room.  They also add comfort and coziness to an otherwise bare space.

As you can see, choosing the right rug for your bathroom is more important than many people think.  But, with all of the options on the market, any homeowner can find the right rugs for their bathrooms.  And, with increasingly stylish rugs, one doesn’t need to sacrifice style for functionality!

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