The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring

Properly cleaning and caring for your new hardwood floors can be daunting.  There are so many mistakes to be made!  Luckily, homeowners today have the benefit of newer products and the latest techniques – anyone can keep their hardwood floors looking like new for years to come! As you know, part of regular floor maintenance is to keep the floor vacuumed and free of debris.  But with the endless vacuum options on the market, finding the right one could prove to be a challenge.  So, what are the best vacuums for hardwood flooring?

The Best Vacuum Type:

Many argue whether an upright or canister vacuum is best for your home.  Both have benefits, but in reality, it’s up to personal preference.  As long as your new vacuum doesn’t feature rolling brushes (these can scratch the floor surface), includes extra padding and rubber wheels, and is lightweight and easy to use, you’ll be in good shape!

Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum
This vacuum is certainly one of a kind. Sleek, cordless and easy to use, the Hoover LiNX Cordless is practical for any home with hardwood flooring.  Considered one of the best vacuums for hardwood flooring by many, the Hoover LiNX Cordless works beautifully to pick up even the tiniest grains of dust.

Miele S2121 Olympus
If you’re looking for a canister vacuum that can thoroughly clean hardwood floors yet is lightweight and easy to maneuver, you’ve found exactly that with the Miele S2121 Olympus vacuum.  The Miele S2121 also features multiple clip extensions, so alternative cleaning tools can be easily attached – no particle of dust will be left behind!

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
Another canister type vacuum, the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite is certainly impressive. Weighing less than nine pounds, this vacuum even features a blower port, to blow dirt and dust from garage and workshop floors (when not using it on wood flooring, of course!).

Bissell PowerEdge PET Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2T
Like the name suggests, this vacuum is a great choice if you have hardwood floors along with pets. Its unique V-shaped base captures both large and small particles easily, and is seemingly a pet hair magnet.  The PowerEdge PET Hard Floor vacuum manages to pick up hair without the use of a roller brush, which is better for the flooring.

A few tips to keep wood floors clean:

To maintain the fresh look of your new hardwood flooring, as well as to cut back on how often you need to vacuum, try out these techniques that are effortless to adhere to:

  • Remove all shoes at the door.  You’d be surprised to see how much your shoes track inside.  By utilizing a mudroom or providing a designated spot just for shoes alone, you’ll be saving yourself time, as well as the quality of your new hardwood floors.  
  • Don’t let spills and scuffs linger.  Removing any marks or spills right away will ensure you maintain the finish on your new floors.  Spills and scuffs will dull flooring finish over time, which can be costly to repair.
  • Vacuum regularly.  While taking shoes off and attacking messes before they can cause damage are great ways to prolong the time between vacuuming, nothing replaces actually using a specialized vacuum that can grab dirt and debris from every crevice!  

And as always, your local flooring professional may be able to assist you and direct you to the vacuum that’s right for you!

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