The Right Flooring Can Help Make a Large Room Appear Smaller

More often times than not, homeowners seek ways to help make a small space appear larger.  After all, space isn’t always in abundance!  However, sometimes homeowners are faced with the opposite predicament – they need a way to make their large rooms feel smaller.

Before building new walls and permanently altering the floor plan of your home, consider the many options to make overly spacious rooms feel cozier.  Flooring, along with other features in your home, can be a vehicle to achieve the feel and atmosphere you desire in your living spaces.  Whether it’s a too-long dining room or a great room that’s a little too great, strategically choosing your flooring can transform a space entirely!

Go Dark
Whereas lighter floors open up a room and make it appear brighter and larger, darker floors can achieve the opposite without overwhelming the space. Whether it’s hardwood or carpeting, a darker option will make the walls feel closer. If a dark flooring isn’t something you’d like in your own home, opt for a medium floor with warmer undertones instead. Just remember that choosing something too light runs the risk of opening up the room even more.  And, if you can’t imagine a space with anything but light flooring, consider choosing a darker wall color to help define the horizons and keep the room confined.

Using Rugs
Area rugs, accent rugs, or just general floor coverings are ideal to help make a large room feel a little smaller.  For one, the warmth underfoot adds to a comfortable living environment, especially if used with hardwood flooring. And aesthetically, rugs can help draw the eye in to the center of the room, away from the walls. When placed strategically, rugs can also be used to divide a larger room into smaller, more manageable sections.  This is common with open floor plans that meld several living spaces into one great room.

Loud Designs
When considering different rugs to use, it’s best to stick to ones with large and bold designs. These are notoriously known to cramp a small space, so they will certainly help to bring a large room together.  They’ll help draw the eye while also filling the space perfectly. If you’d prefer not to spend money on a trendy patterned rug, opting for a brightly colored one instead serves the same purpose.

Using the right flooring, as well as proper color themes and fitting furniture is a clever way to make a large room feel like a snug space. If you seek further consultation with your large living spaces, find your local flooring professional using our search tool.  Using some of the industry’s best brands and techniques, your local flooring professionals will be able to find a flooring option that suits your home best!

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