The Sunroom: Which Flooring Works Best?

The spring season always brings new energy – sometimes enough to renovate a room in your home! And with a blooming garden and the perfect sunlight, the sunroom might be just the space to revamp this year.
The sunroom is no doubt a versatile room – it can act as a sitting area, a dining room, a playroom and anything else you can imagine.  So, it’s no surprise that finding the perfect flooring for this busy space takes plenty of thought.
Here are a few flooring options that are perfect for any sunroom – take a look!


In a recent blog article, we wrote about how concrete is regaining its popularity in the flooring industry.  Its sleek industrial look and easy maintenance make it a great choice for modern homes.  Not to mention, it’s one of the more affordable options when installing a new floor in your sunroom.


If your sunroom also doubles as a playroom for your children, then carpet might be a good choice. Low-pile is typically best, as it will be easier to clean in a room as busy as this one.  Additionally, carpet offers a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to coordinate with your home. 


Tile is without a doubt one of the most popular choices for sunroom flooring.  Between ceramic, slate, or natural stone, different tiles can completely change the look of this space.  It’s durable, easy to clean and can easily be matched with any existing furniture.  As an added bonus, it can help keep the temperature in a sunroom comfortable during the warmer months.


Another classic choice for a sunroom is hardwood flooring.  With a wide range of choices between species and stains, wood flooring provides warmth underfoot and the home-style look many homeowners seek.


Laminate flooring made the list because it offers homeowners a look-a-like alternative to nearly any other flooring they might be interested in.  While it might be a more affordable option, it also has a few limitations, like sun damage and poor sound control.
Like any flooring installation, there are a few things to do to ensure your new flooring stays looking its best:

  • Check to see if your windows include UV protection.  In a room as bright as a sunroom, sun damage could alter the appearance of your flooring in a big (and undesirable) way.
  • While UV protection helps, you might want to also consult with a flooring professional to take additional steps in protecting your floor from sun damage – like oil-based stains and other treatments.

Need additional guidance when choosing and installing new flooring in your sunroom?  Reach out to your local flooring professional  or advice and access to the industry’s top flooring products!


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