Things I Know

  • MAPEI now recommends either Ultrabond ECO® 995 or Ultrabond ECO® 985 to install engineered, solid and bamboo hardwood flooring designed for glue-down application. There are no restrictions on width, length or thickness. Moisture testing is not necessary with proper usage of these adhesives using the provided trowel clips. The concrete substrate must be free of all debris and bond-breaking contaminants, cannot have known hydrostatic pressure issues or be visibly wet.

    JJ Haines now has 5 products that require no moisture testing, Bostik’s Ultra-Set Single Step2 and Greenforce, DriTac The Golden Bullet, and Mapei 995 and 985. The moisture warranty for these products is over concrete subfloors only, not wood subfloors. There is too much movement in a wet, wood subfloor which could break the adhesive/moisture membrane.

  • Armstrong has introduced the new S-500 Low Gloss Seam Coating Kit to replace the former S-564 Seam Coating Kit. S-500 will serve as the only seaming recommendation for Residential Felt-Backed floors. Fiberglass and Vinyl-Backed floors will have 2 seaming options, S-500 and S-761 Seam Adhesive.

Are you patching or self-leveling a high moisture area? Is your patching/self-leveling compound suited for high moisture areas? Mapei Mapecem Quick Patch Installation-Systems/Patching-and-Skimcoating-Compounds/Mapecem–Quickpatch and Mapei

Ultraplan Extreme Underlayments-and-Primers/Ultraplan-Extreme answer the challenge and are unaffected by subfloor vapor emissions that may cause your patching/self-leveling compound to fail.

  • Hard plastic foot protectors (see above) can scratch and ruin any traditional flooring. Make sure when sure selling Commercial/Residential flooring to check the foot protection of the furniture and upgrade as necessary.

  • Need molding options for glue down and floating Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank product? Artistic Finishes makes solid wood molding for LVT and LVP. These are solid wood moldings, available in 8 different hardwood species and 44 stain colors with a urethane with aluminum oxide finish.

Why do people want to install a floating floor (Laminate/Hardwood/LVT) then install cabinets over it? Floating floors need room to accommodate subfloor movement. By fastening down through these products you restrict the movement that can cause them to buckle or gap.

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