Tips For Decorating a Room With Hardwood Flooring

Just like the seasons change, rules about decorating your home change too! Today, hardwood flooring is still used as it has been for 100’s of years, but the rules of design around the flooring are ever-changing. At Flooring Professionals, we like to keep you up to date and on top of the latest in flooring trends! Here are some of the most updated tips for styling your house with hardwood flooring from Better Homes and Gardens.

Skip the dividers: Now that open floor plans are becoming more and more popular, gone are the days of dividing rooms with walls or planks. Let the hardwood flow seamlessly through the rooms of your house.

Contrast your décor: Contrary to popular belief, the natural look of hardwood floors don’t have to be accented with other natural motifs. Try using industrial materials and modern shapes to create a cool contrast between styles that will ultimately work together.

Add a rug: Adding an area rug to a room with hardwood not only adds some comfort, but defines the space. Rugs also make the floor easier on your feet throughout the daily grind.

Mix your wood tones: Myth: All wood in a room has to match. Reality: Mixing wood tones has gained popularity amongst many interior designers. Mix similar undertones using polished and rustic textures to create a “collected over-time look”. Add wood accents in unexpected places such decorative vases, end tables, or ottomans. 

Soft fabrics: If you want dark hardwood floors but don’t want the harshness to cut into your design, soften it up with light or white fabrics. Consider curtains, lampshades, and rugs as fabrics in addition to upholstery.

Pop of color: If there is a reason you want to distract from old or damaged wood floors, add some color with accent chairs or pillows. Bright colors are also a friendly contrast to the natural colors of wood.

Now that you have all of the modern tricks for decorating with hardwood, go ahead and try them out! For more information on hardwood flooring, visit our Flooring Resources for Hardwood Flooring.


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