Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor’s Beauty

Hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment for any home—its quality, sheer beauty and lifespan far surpass the alternatives on the market. It is no surprise that hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options out there!

You’ve just had your hardwood flooring installed and it looks beautiful, so now what? Along with hardwood floor ownership comes the responsibility of keeping it in good condition to maintain its original beauty. Most hardwood floor owners know that the newer the wood the more finish is still on the flooring and therefore the shinier it is, which generally makes it easier to clean.However as time goes on and the flooring collects more wear and tear, it will no longer be as smooth, which makes it harder to clean. Therefore, hardwood floor owners try to take exceptional care of their hardwood to extend its life and keep it looking its best!

However, most hardwood floor owners make a number of mistakes because they do not know how to properly care for their hardwood flooring—resulting in scratches, scuffing or significant damage to the floor’s finish, ruining its sheen. If hardwood is significantly damaged, the only solution is to strip the floor and refinish it, which can be very time consuming and expensive.

Wood floor maintenance and care varies slightly based on the type of wood floor finish your hardwood flooring has, but here are some general tips to help extend the life of your hardwood and maintain its original beauty for years to come!

Get In A Routine

Arguably the most important part of hardwood floor care starts from the day your hardwood flooring is installed. Adopting an annual, monthly, even daily maintenance routine is essential to keep your hardwood in the best condition. There are many hardwood upkeep timetables and methodologies out there—but here is one we believe will give you promising results.

Daily: Sweeping & Dusting

After purchasing hardwood flooring, the first thing any new owner needs to do is make sure that they have a quality soft bristle broom and a vacuum with softer brushes that won’t be too rough and scratch your brand new hardwood. Sweeping and dusting daily is one of the most underestimated yet easiest habits a hardwood owner can adopt to extend the life and beauty of their floors. Dusting and sweeping daily will help keep dirt and dust off your floors to prevent harmful scratching.

Weekly: Vacuum

Once or twice a week it is important to vacuum as well, to get in between the boards of your hardwood and other hard to reach areas. Vacuuming removes the finer dirt and dust particles left on your hardwood, even after daily sweeping.

Monthly: Polish & Condition

Once a month or so, hardwood owners should use a floor treatment designed to add shine and condition to hardwood flooring. Treating your hardwood with a conditioner and shining product will help prevent over cleaning and detrimental stripping of your hardwood, keeping it in tip-top shape! That being said, these products are not meant for daily or weekly use, but suitable to use once a month or so. Be sure to read the product instructions very carefully!

Quarterly: Wax & Buff

If you find your hardwood floors looking a little dull, it is most likely time to refresh your floor’s finish by waxing and buffing it. This step is important to do periodically, but again do not wax your floors too often. However, if your hardwood is finished with shellac, varnish or polyurethane finishes do not wax them! Doing so will interfere with the floor’s finish and make them slippery.

Annually: Sealing

Sealing your floors is a step that should be taken annually. Floor sealers help restore the beauty of your hardwood floors primarily by improving its finish. There are a number of floor sealer products out there, but once again be sure to follow the product’s instructions.

If you have any further hardwood floor care or hardwood cleaning product questions, visit Flooring Professionals to find a flooring expert in your area!


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