Trending Now: Marble Flooring

As you will see throughout emerging trends this year, marble is on the top of everyone’s list! Not only is marble hot in fashion and art, but it is also becoming a popular trend for home flooring. Of course, not everyone wants the luxury design accents that are often associated with marble flooring, so as your Flooring Professionals, we are here to provide you with more than one way to incorporate marble flooring into your home according to the look you are going for!


: Marble flooring first became popular in Ancient Greece and was used in every type of structure, from places of worship to individual households. It’s not uncommon to stay true to some of the design aesthetics that were originally associated with marble flooring, such as gold accents, Persian-style rugs, iron railings, and don’t forget the chandelier!


 Home designs of today feature more geometric and abrupt shapes in furniture and decor as opposed to the flowing silhouettes that were present for many centuries earlier on. To create a modern room with marble flooring, pick a geometric marble tile pattern and create sharp shapes throughout the entire space. Another way to modernize the look of marble flooring, is to have brightly colored accent pieces, such as a vase or large painting.


If you want to go for a bohemian or Moroccan inspired look in your home, intricately shaped marble tiles are a great way to incorporate bold patterns and make an impact. Other ways to bring this style into your home are to include plants, patterned pillows, and wooden frames or sculptures.


 People who prefer minimalist design don’t need much decor in their homes, but still need fabulous flooring! To incorporate marble in a minimalist style room, pick a neutral color scheme to incorporate lots of whites, greys, blacks, and nudes. These colors will most likely mimic the colors that are present in the marble floors and will create a fresh space.

When designing your space, keep in mind that marble flooring usually comes in a select few colors, like black, white, and a mixture of the two. Another important factor to take into consideration is the room that you are putting marble flooring in. Often times, smaller tiles are used in bathrooms for more slip resistance, while larger tiles are utilized in entryways, kitchens, and living rooms. For more tips and tricks on choosing the right flooring for your home, visit our Flooring Resources page here!


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