Types of Wood Flooring

When opting to install hardwood flooring in your home, the thought of deciding on the right type of wood can be daunting.  There are just too many colors and species to choose from! Luckily, many homeowners use several different types throughout their home, meaning you don’t have to pick just one!   Here are a few of the most popular wood types on the market today and why they could be the right fit for your home:

Common Wood Flooring Options


Beech wood is an excellent choice for hardwood flooring.  The wood is naturally hard with a close grain.  This makes it sturdy and durable for both furniture and flooring.  One benefit Beech wood has over other types is its shock resistance, a useful feature for any home.


Birch is a very versatile wood flooring for the home.  It’s coloring can vary from a dark brown to light yellow.  It’s not the strongest wood on the market, but with proper care and maintenance, it can be kept looking great for years to come.


While the idea of having Cherry wood floors might be appealing, the wood itself is too soft to use for an entire room. Instead, it’s often used as an accent wood, or as a border to a stronger species.  In its natural state, it’s light brown, making it a great pairing with virtually any other wood flooring.


For a cottage-style home or lake house, Pine is a great choice as hardwood flooring.  It’s warm in appearance and evokes the great outdoors in your home. Pine is also ideal for cabins and homes in wooded communities because of its natural resistance to insects.


Oak is one of the most popular flooring choices in the United States. With both Red and White Oak, the benefits of installing this type of hardwood flooring in your home are endless. Both are durable, water resistant, have attractive grain patterns, can resist wear, and can add value to a home.  While Red Oak reigns supreme, White Oak is growing in popularity for its versatility with staining and home décor. 

Exotic Wood Flooring Options


Eucalyptus is a wonderful alternative to oak floorings.  With the look of a tropical mahogany, Eucalyptus trees are also typically ‘greener’ to grow and harvest.   This wood is also incredibly durable and resistant to dents, making it perfect for high-traffic areas in the home.


If you want a truly eye-catching wood flooring, Ebony wood floors might be for you.  Recognized as one of the more expensive options, its appearance is unmistakable.  Stark dark floors contrast beautifully in rooms with natural light and white molding! 

Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

Naturally, Jatoba is a dense wood, making it an extremely sturdy flooring option.  While technically not a type of Cherry tree, its rich color and warmth earned it its moniker of Brazilian Cherry (it’s also not exclusively Brazilian).  The luxurious feel of Jatoba is undeniable and looks great in any home.


Merbau wood flooring is another exotic wood that is growing in popularity.  When freshly cut, the wood is brownish-orange in coloring, which then ages to a darker reddish-brown.  A feature unique to this wood are the tiny yellow mineral deposits that can be found throughout the wood.

And as always, while all of these wood types have different hues and colors, when finished with a stain, they can be better adjusted to match your home.  With a long list of staining options, the possibilities are endless!

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