Understanding the Necessary Steps to Flooring Installation

If you have already called your local Flooring Professional for your flooring installation or maintenance, then the hardest part is already over with! We give you expert advice and service, and all you will have to do now is sit back and relax while the professionals handle it. Even though you are off the hook, it is important to understand the process of flooring installation, and all of the steps that are involved!

Step 1: Remove existing floor
If you have existing flooring, this will need to be taken off of the existing substrate or subfloor to make room for the new flooring. There are a few different methods on how to do this depending on what type of flooring needs to be removed, but flooring professionals will know the best way to leave as little remnants behind as possible.

Step 2: Prepare the subfloors
After the flooring is removed, underneath you will find an underlayment or subfloor, which is the foundation for finished flooring. If your subfloors are damaged, have stray nails or staples, or not suitable for the new flooring you want to install, your flooring professional will know how to handle it. If there are other issues to be addressed, your subfloors need to be undamaged, flat, and dry for the best flooring installation.

Step 3: Install
This step is pretty self explanatory, and the professionals are called professionals for a reason: because they are the experts in flooring installation! If you want to know exactly how they do it, feel free to have them explain it to you – they may explain it to you anyways so you understand how to care for the flooring.

Step 4: Seal the deal
While your flooring may not need to be sealed, there are always steps to clean up around the edges after flooring is installed. Things like trim, thresholds, corners, stains, and treatments are all options that may need to be taken care of after flooring is installed. Talk to your local Flooring Professional about these options before the installation process begins to get the best results!

If at any point there are questions about the installation steps for your flooring, do not hesitate to contact the Flooring Professionals in your area. For even more information about installation, products, and maintenance, browse the resources on our website at www.Flooring-Professionals.com.

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