What Flooring Helps Disguise Traffic Wear & Tear?

As homeowners, we can’t always avoid the wear and tear our flooring will endure in the years to come – it’s a fact of life!  While there are several ways to minimize the damages over time, there are also ways to disguise it entirely.

When trying to find the right flooring for a high traffic area in your home, consider finding flooring with a forgiving color, forgiving feel and the flexibility for refinishing and repairs.


Stark white flooring will show scuffs and damage very easily.  On the other hand, a darker flooring will also highlight dust, dirt, debris and traffic wear and tear.  However, the right color will be a happy medium between light and dark, typically a type of beige or neutral brown.  

This will help disguise the dirt and debris until it can be cleaned, as well as better hide the everyday damages our floors endure. Luckily for homeowners, there are several different shades of medium colors, allowing them to find an option that doesn’t clash with their existing décor.


It might seem odd to consider, but flooring that’s forgiving on foot is also helpful when finding something that will help hide damages.  This is because the more give a flooring has, the less likely the damages will be severe.  Imagine the difference in dropping a heavy object on hardwood flooring versus carpeting. Of course, the same doesn’t apply to spills and water damages, but when speaking strictly to traffic wear and tear, it’s worth keeping in mind.  

These reasons make cork hardwood flooring a popular choice.  Cork has the look of hardwood flooring, an almost self-healing forgiveness, incredible water resistance and an added sound proofing benefit.


While carpet can help hide damages from everyday use, when the day comes to replace it, it might be a costly endeavor. When you have hardwood flooring instead, homeowners can simply refinish it and revive it when it has become worn.  It’s also much easier to repair or replace a single plank, which adds to the appeal of hardwood or similar floorings for high traffic areas.  

For some homeowners, disguising wear and tear isn’t enough – they want to avoid it all together!  Certain floorings, like laminate or vinyl, are incredibly durable and will last for a long time before damages are evident.  However, once these floorings are damaged, the only choice is to replace them, as they cannot be refinished.  Another option would be to use throw rugs and door mats throughout your home.  Tossing out a small rug after it’s been worn down is much easier and more economical than replacing the floor beneath it!

For more guidance on finding the right flooring for high traffic areas in your home, look up your local flooring professional!

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