What is Laminate Wood Flooring Made of?

Laminate wood flooring is designed to mimic the appearance and feel of traditional and exotic hardwoods. It’s a great option because of its affordability, high quality and ease of installation and maintenance. But what is it actually made of? This article gives a breakdown of what makes up this popular flooring option. 

Laminate wood flooring is constructed using four separate layers each with its own purpose. They are then bonded together to create an extremely durable material that will give you the hardwood look without the hardwood price.

Wear Layer

This is the top layer and is responsible for keeping your laminate wood flooring looking great. It’s a clear coat that makes your flooring incredibly resistant to stains and fading.

Design Layer

This layer is what makes your laminate flooring look exactly like a genuine hardwood floor. It utilizes extremely detailed photographic imaging and advanced printing technology to capture the nuances of the grains and staining of a hardwood floor.

Inner Core

This is where your laminate wood floor gets its strength. It’s made of high-density fiberboard, which is constructed using wood fibers that are bonded with resin. The inner core gives laminate the density, stability, hardness and durability needed to create this high value product. It also helps keep it flat and resistant to moisture.


The final piece to the puzzle is the backing, which is designed to block moisture. This section is what keeps your floors from warping when exposed to any type of wetness.

These four elements combine to create a high value laminate wood floor that not only looks like the real thing, but can also withstand conditions that would destroy genuine wood floors.

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