What Technology Means for Your Carpet Fibers

In 2017, technology largely brings to mind the newest smartphone model or the hottest app. What you might not realize is that technology is also being used to create better fibers for the carpet in your home! Gone are the days of heavy chemical use and materials that aggravate your sinuses or allergies. With the advances in modern technology, some of the top players in the carpet industry are rolling out brand new fibers that will ensure the health of you and your home in the long run. Read more below about a few of the newest carpet fiber trends in 2017.

For Allergy Sufferers

There is nothing worse than sneezing over and over in your own home. You may not even have been aware that it is your carpet that is making your allergies act up. Invista has launched their new Livewell carpet, which was designed to help allergy-suffering customers improve their comfort at home. The fibers in this carpet were developed to specifically help combat and reduce dust and allergy-aggravating particles.

For Pet Lovers

A home would be nothing without your furry friend! Whether you have dogs or cats, sometimes accidents inside the house are inevitable. While you can’t stay mad at your adorable 3-month-old puppy for long, your carpet has a much longer memory. Dream Weaver has released a new Lifetime Pet Warranty that not only covers your carpets from pet accidents, but offers you options on carpets that are better suited for homes with pets.

For Stylish Homes

There is no need to compromise on aesthetics when looking for carpet. Installing a strong, resilient carpet does not mean you have to compromise on how you want your carpet to look and feel. Beaulieu introduced their Stylish Beauty collection, featuring highly styled carpets in several patterns and textures that also offer all the benefits you want with a long lasting carpet. These nylon-fibered carpets will provide strength, abrasion resistance, resiliency, soil resistance, and are easily cleaned.

For the Cleaners

Gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars to get your carpets cleaned. Instead of tiptoeing around your rooms with carpet and living in fear of spilling, more and more carpet options feature fibers that are easily cleaned without the care of a professional. The Cleaner Home Collection from Phenix Flooring uses a Microban antimicrobial technology in their fibers that makes them easier to clean. Not only are they simple to clean, these carpets feature a built-in SureFresh odor capture technology that ensures your carpet will remain fresh.

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