What’s Black or White and Walked all Over? Two Bold Flooring Options.

When it comes to decorating your home, making bold decisions can be intimidating. You fear the final product won’t look as good as it did in your head. Making a bold choice with your flooring is even more intimidating, because of its expense and permanence. That’s why most tend to make safe choices when purchasing flooring. Common styles that will look ok with every decor. But you don’t want just ok.

This article discusses two bold flooring choices that make your home look amazing. It also provides the necessary guidance to ensure the “in-your-head masterpiece” looks just as incredible in real life. You’ll be surprised how unintimidating these flooring options can be with a little interior design knowledge.

Bold Option # 1: Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors bring sophistication and character to the home’s of those brave enough to try it. But you need more than just bravery. You need a little know-how too. Master these interior design principles and you’ll have a room that gets people talking.

What they do:

Dark wood floors essentially act as a neutral element and help set the stage for you to build your decor on. But be careful. They have a tendency to overpower and distract from lighter color elements. To prevent this, and keep the balance, replicate the color of the floor elsewhere in the room (pillows, lamps and picture frames are the easiest ways to do this).

Using a high-gloss on your dark wood floors is a great way to add a sense of depth and it will reflect your furniture giving your room a classy look and feel. You’d be surprised how well dark wood floors fit in with most decorating styles.

Bold Option # 2: White Wood Flooring

Although white wood flooring is not as intimidating as dark hardwood, it’s still a risk some home owners aren’t prepared to take. Make a bold statement in your room by choosing a flooring option that will deliver a light and airy atmosphere.

What they do:

White wood flooring lifts a room and creates the illusion of space. It’s a great way to give your room a  blank canvas to showcase your decor. Because white is extremely neutral, your white hardwood will go well with pretty much any design style you wish to have. They are extremely complementary to strong, fresh color choices and will help your other bold choices stand out.

Your styles may change pretty dramatically over time. What you liked 15 years ago may not be your style today. White hardwood flooring is a great option because it will transition seamlessly as your decor evolves and changes over time. So don’t be afraid of bold. It’s what makes your home a reflection of who you are.

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