White Oak Wood Floors: Beauty and Durability

Oak floors are a favorite in households because of their strength and natural charm. The most common hardwood flooring choice in U.S. homes is the white oak. This may have to do with the combination of beauty and durability it offers.

The exceptional qualities of white oak floors are not created with special manufacturing processes, but are brought about because of the tree itself and how it grows.

This article looks at some of the interesting characteristics that are naturally created in the floors made from the white oak tree.

Unique Graining

If you look at the grain of a white oak hardwood floor you’ll notice its straight lines and close spacing. This is due to the slow rate of growth of the tree– causing growth rings that are tightly spaced. The result is a smoother looking floor that is a bit more uniform throughout compared to the busier looking red oak. The long dark lines throughout the wood add to the white oak’s unique graining. The simple pattern is ideal for creating serene atmospheres.


As its name suggests white oak is a lighter flooring option than other oak varieties. It can range from light tans and browns to almost completely white. This brings an openness to the area that is both peaceful and inviting. It’s the perfect platform for elegant formal settings or for a casual airy feel.


While the beauty of white oak is subjective, its durability is not. The hardness rating of white oak is 1360. Compared to a rating of 1290 from red oak, these floors are the more durable option. Its strength makes it a great choice for busy areas such as entryways, kitchens or anywhere people tend to pass through frequently. Although not impervious, white oak hardwood will better withstand dings, scratches and other minor dents. 

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