Our History

Brothers Phil and Don were born and raised in Washington, NC and moved to Norfolk in their teen years in search of work. Working separately they learned the flooring business and in 1972 Phil Woolard opened the doors to Floors Unlimited. It was a tough go during the early years with a slow economy but Phil was willing to work installing by himself if necessary and wife Doodlebug would come in to run the store while he was out.

A few years later his older brother Don joined him and together they became a great team. Don was good working with the customers and Phil had a knack for running the crews everyday and problem solving on the job site. During the 80’s, work was plentiful around Great Bridge and Floors Unlimited became a very popular location for builders and retail customers. Phil and Don were very traditional men with honest values to guide their principles and thus gained the trust and loyalty of customers and builders alike.

Phil’s son, Phil Jr., followed in his dad’s footsteps and trained in installation during the 80’s. After Don retired in the early 90’s Phil Jr. was brought into the front office to learn how to sell flooring and run the business. Years later Phil Sr. and wife Doodlebug retired and today Phil Jr. proudly operates the company with his wife Amy in the same fine tradition that made Floors Unlimited what it is today.