WPC/Rigid Core Flooring


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What is WPC and Rigid Core?

Simply put, WPC (wood polymer core) and Rigid Core (a denser version) are the next generation of  laminate flooring.

Similar in that they are floating floors installed the same as laminate. Different in that the finish is vinyl and the general density is less than traditional laminate. This difference creates a warmer and quieter feel to the products. The echo and dogs’ nails clicking is reduced. The big improvement is that the products do not absorb water, eliminating the occasional swelled joint seen in some cheaper laminates.

I’m very encouraged by the quality and styling of the name brands we carry. Already, bold and photo-realistic textures and images are available and there are more to come. As is always the case, cheap, knock-offs are popping up in the home centers and liquidators. Some of which scuff terribly and don’t do the new category justice.

The Coretec line of flooring

At Floors Unlimited we are proud to offer the entire Coretec product line. I’m always a little hesitant to fully support new technology until I’ve had some experience with it. With each passing day I grow more fond of this product line and I am now convinced this is a great invention.

I single out Coretec because they are the most advanced and in my opinion, set the standard. With about 300 SKU’s they have the best variety of images and textures available. The “HD” line is the most convincing I’ve seen to date.

Coretec decided to go with a medium density wood polymer core. Some other makers like Mohawk use the high density rigid core so why not Coretec? I think the intention was to strike a balance between hardness and comfort. The rigid core is harder sure enough but then again you get the noisy, clicky sound like a traditional laminate floor. Coretec’s WPC core is quiet not only to walk on but tends to absorb more general sound in the room. This is really important especially in a bedroom where sleeping occurs. I think they got it right but if you need a floor that can take a solid beating, rigid core from Mohawk is the toughest out there. (we have that one too)

Call us or visit Floors Unlimited today and see for yourself what quality-made products look and feel like. We’ve got ’em.