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Armstrong     |     Dura Products by Congoleum

Dura Ceramic – Mannington Adura – Armstrong Alterna

Dura Ceramic, Mannington Adura and Armstrong Alterna have plenty of positive attributes to them, which is why they’ve become such a popular option for many of your flooring needs. They give you the look of real ceramic but, unlike its predecessor, these vinyl-topped, limestone-backed products are not slippery when wet. There is lower risk of damage to the floor if something heavy and hard is dropped and, it is easy on the feet/legs as well as easy to clean.

Like their predecessor, Dura Ceramic, Mannington Adura and Armstrong Alterna offer many different ways of installation. All products can be grouted or butted together and laid in a brick, diagonal or straight pattern.


*Warm to the touch

*Easy on the feet

*Easy to clean

*Not slippery

*Can stand up to heavy things being dropped on it

*Options on installation