Caring for Your Floors

HARDWOOD CARE *new wood and refinished wood*

normally with hardwood you can simply take a damp mop or cloth and clean up spills and tracked in dirt .

for the harder stuck on dirt we recommend the BONA HARDWOOD CLEANER, This product is a spray on wipe off application.

on all furniture that will be moved around like chairs , small end tables etc. etc. you should put Felt tips on the legs. If the furniture has metal caps or plastic caps on the bottom of the legs its best to remove those before you apply the felt tips


We recommend to stay away from anything that says it will “shine the floor” as that indicates some sort of wax in the cleaner. Typically you want to avoid using any sort of wax on a new wood floor for many reasons, the main being once there’s wax on the floor you will have to continue to wax it to keep the luster and shine on the floor.

Most people choose to put area rugs down after having the new wood floor installed or old wood floor refinished. this is fine. Things to keep in mind are what kind of pad is under that area rug. The none slip pads are good for just that to prevent the area rug from sliding around but after years and years of being down it can actually sometimes bond to the wood floor. if this occurs it becomes very hard to get up and can even blacken the floor. If you do use one of these pads try your best to keep it from getting wet as that can cause the padding to bond to the wood flooring.


to clean the floor we recommend the manufacture specific cleaner. For instance Armstrong products we recommend Once N’ Done cleaner.

like with the hardwood we recommend that you put felt on all furniture that will be moved around i.e. chairs etc.


Regular vacuuming cleaning up spills in a timely manner will go a long way

There are many different options as far as how to clean what type of professional cleaning to do etc. there is not a certain one that is recommended as what type of cleaning needs to be done depends on condition, age and type of stains and or dirt that needs to be removed.


The number one thing that most people do not know is the frequency of which to vacuum the carpeting in their home

Most people do this to often which can cause damage to the carpeting over time. We normally recommend that you vacuum only once a week. This doesn’t include the spot vacuuming if something spills or dirt is tracked in etc.