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At Paul Morin’s Floor & Wall Design we focus on every aspect of a project from start to finish. This includes making sure that the morning sun is framed perfectly, or shut out completely, by the right window coverings (depending on your preference).

What is a window treatment?

A window treatment is anything done to a window in order to enhance its aesthetic appeal. This can mean covering your windows, decorating around your windows (i.e. decorative molding or window valances), or even making modifications directly to the glass itself, such is the case with stained or frosted glass.

There are all sorts of different ways to improve the look of your windows, but in the case of window coverings the options generally fall into one of two categories, hard or soft. Hard treatments include shutters, blinds and shades. Shutters are usually made of wood or resin and can be installed inside or outside the home. Blinds and shades are installed inside. The main difference between the two is that shades block the light completely and must be rolled up to let light in, while blinds include some form of wand that allows you manipulate the light without rolling them up. Shades can be made of fabric or plastic while materials for blinds range from wood to aluminum.

Soft treatments include curtains, drapery and window valances. Because soft treatments are generally made out of fabric, the possibilities for patterns, colors and customization is endless!

How do I know which wall covering option is right for my home?

Choosing the wall covering that is right for you is largely a matter of personal preference mixed with a little bit of functionality. For example, wallpaper is a great choice for the living room because of the endless color and pattern options. You are sure to find the right style to match your décor. However, wallpaper may not be the right choice for the bathroom as the constant changes in temperature and humidity will shorten the life of the wallpaper and it could start to peel. A better choice for the bathroom is tile or stone because it is easy to clean and water resistant.

Traditional wall covering options include paint, wallpaper, natural stone, mosaic tiling or wood paneling. At Paul Morin’s we can help you with any or all of these options. Our friendly staff is ready to help you make decisions and then bring them to life with an expert installation team.

We love helping our customers turn their dreams into reality and want to discuss the details of your vision with you! Visit Paula’s Decorating Cafe, conveniently located in our Ocean View, DE showroom to look at fabric samples and learn about our vast selection of wall coverings and window treatment options. From plantation shutters to custom golf bag window valances and wallpapers to stunningly beautiful glass mosaic tile backsplashes, we have the answer to your remodeling project. Give us a call today, fill out the free quote form, or stop in to learn more.

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