Maintenance for Bamboo Flooring

A huge benefit of bamboo is its durability. However, it’s just like wood flooring in that it needs to be properly maintained to ensure its longevity and quality. Just like hardwood, you have to protect your bamboo flooring from dents, scratches, warping and stains.Here is a quick guide to help you take the preventative measures to keep your floor looking nice and lasting for many years.

Preventative Measures

Using doormats and area rugs is a great way to keep your bamboo flooring nice. Doormats trap moisture and dirt, keeping it off your floors. Area rugs can be placed in high traffic areas to prevent scuff and scrapes.Both your rugs and doormats inside the house should be colorfast.

Dye can bleed through other types of rugs and mats and stain your flooring. Also, avoid using rubber bottoms as it may create scuffs and prevent airflow. Trim your pet’s nails to keep them from dinging up your floors. Also remove hard shoes, like high heals and athletic spikes, to keep yourself from denting the floors as well.

Cover bottoms of furniture legs with floor protectors.Like wood flooring, bamboo can be faded by direct sunlight. Use blinds to shade direct light and prevent discoloration. You should also move your furniture every now and then to make sure your floor fades evenly.

How To Clean Bamboo Flooring

Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning your bamboo flooring. Damage caused by not following their guidelines will void your warranty. Quickly remove any liquid spills.

Before you clean your bamboo flooring you should sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and small rocks. Use only dust mops, brooms and dry mops because these have softer surfaces. Never mop with anything wetter than a damp mop to prevent warping.

Avoid using anything abrasive like steel wool as this can ruin your finish and scratch your floor’s surface. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach, acrylic, strong detergents or any other strong cleaning agents. Remove sticky spots on your floor by scrubbing gently with soft, damp cloth. Again, make sure you aren’t getting the floor too wet.

Shake out rugs and mats regularly to be sure dirt and rocks are not accumulating underneath and scuffing the floors. You should vacuum and wash your doormats regularly. They are your floor’s first line of defense and tend to get dirty quickly.